COVID 19 Update 21.12.20


Suspension of Shipping Services To & From The UK

As of today 21.12.20, due to the spread of a new strain of COVID 19, alot of countries have suspended shipments between the UK & their international borders.

Expect deliveries into & out of the UK to be delayed again.

This means that our new arrivals may be slower to arrive, as they are coming from the EU. The new international quarantine & fast approaching Brexit, mean that European suppliers are avoiding using the UK land-bridge to get from Europe to Ireland. This adds a few days onto each inbound delivery.

You can read a news article about the latest announcement below.

On top of this, a lot of European countries are re-imposing strict lockdowns until mid to late January 2021 too. So this will add to delays & again put pressure on the international postal carriers.


Brexit is also fast approaching, as there is still no agreement and therefore no guidelines as to how things will work, we can only assume customs & excise fees will now apply to anything imported or exported to the UK & Northern Ireland.

Until we know what guidelines to follow, we have also suspended our shipping options to the UK & Northern Ireland.

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