Green Lantern The Sinestro Corps War | DC Comics Trade Paper Back

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Green Lantern The Sinestro Corps War | DC Comics Trade Paper Back

Fear can be a powerful weapon. Recruiting only those with the capacity to inspire great terror, former Green Lantern Sinestro—banished from the Green Lantern Corps for misusing his power—harnesses the power of fear to equip an army to rival the strength of the newly reformed Green Lantern Corps. Like the Green Lanterns, the Sinestro Corps seeks only to bring order to a chaotic universe—but plans to do so by bringing all civilization under its totalitarian control!

Aligned with some of the most powerful villains in existence—including the Anti-Monitor, Superman-Prime, Cyborg-Superman and even Parallax, the fear creature that once possessed Hal Jordan, nearly destroying the Green Lanterns—Sinestro will stop at nothing to bring about his new world order.

Battles rage across the skies as the forces of fear wage war to destroy the Green Lanterns and everything they represent. Only the most fearless and strong-willed will be able to stop the Sinestro Corps before the entire universe falls under Sinestro’s terrifying command.

Collects Green Lantern issues #21-23, Green Lantern Corps issues #14-15, Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special

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    • Second Printing
    • Trade Paper Back novel
    • Does not come bagged or boarded
    • English language

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