Sell & Trade-In Your Collection

trade in faq

How can I sell or trade in items?

  • We highly recommend that you research the value of your collectibles before reaching out to any reseller. This is to ensure you know their worth & are not shocked by the offers you receive for your collection.
  • Read our blog for guidance on how to research your items & what to expect during the sales process.
  • The quickest way to reach us about trades ins is to send us a message & clear images of each of the items you want to sell on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It will speed up our offer process if you supply us with a list of what each item is & from what year. For example, Image 1 = Kenner 1975 Deluxe Storm Trooper.
  • We will be able to tell you fairly quickly if we are interested in buying your collection or not.  Please note we do not buy single items, only lots.
  • We mainly deal with in the box & complete figures, games & consoles. On occasion & depending on the collectible we may be interested in out of the box figures which are in excellent condition & come with all of their accessories.
  • We will happily accept video games that are missing their manuals or box once they are working & in good condition.

What we need from you to start the process:

  1. We will review collections of 10 pieces or more.
  2. We need clear images of the items – this includes images of all sides of the box / figures so that we can determine its condition & also the make & model we are looking at.
  3. A rough price you are hoping to achieve for your collection.
  4. Your location, so that we can determine if shipping is required or not.
  5. Send us your list & images using email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or a DM on Instagram.

**We are only accepting collections from customers within the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland at present. **

We are not buying the following items at present:

  • Funko Pops or Funko Figures
  • Trading cards e.g Pokemon or Yu Gi Oh! cards
  • Wrestling figures
  • Diecast cars that are not related to movies, TV shows or video games
  • Comic book based Sideshow Collectibles / Hot Toys statues
  • VHS tapes / Records
  • Opened Lego sets & puzzles
  • Soft toys
  • FIFA / Pro Evolution / Soccer video games

We will never buy counterfeit items or broken / faulty video games & consoles.

We rarely accept high-end pieces like Sideshow Collectibles or Hot Toys statues. This is because they take many months to sell & in most cases they do not keep their value.

Can you just value my collection for me?

Yes, but there is a fee, which is dependant on the size of your collection. You can value your own collection by following the steps in our blog.

Can you share my products with your customers if you are not interested in buying my collection?

No, we are not an online marketplace & do not provide such access to our customer base.

What type of payments do you offer?

  • We can issue a payment either by Paypal, cash upon collection & verification of the condition of your items by us or Uncanny Collectibles Store Credit.
  • PayPal provides easy, fast & instant payments between users. All you need is a registered email address linked to a PayPal account.
  • Please note, we will pay for items using the Goods & Services method, meaning that you will incur PayPal fees on the transaction. This is to ensure we both keep our buyer & seller protection. We do not issue payments in any other way at present.

How do you come up with your prices & do they ever change?

  • We use our experience, the average eBay sold listings, the costs associated with selling each piece & current market demand to price any items we may be interested in buying.
  • By asking a reseller to buy out your collection, you are asking them to take over the risks & all the work & costs associated with selling each piece.
  • Generally, we offer up to 1/3 of the average resale market value price, depending on the condition of the item.
  • We do not use the eBay asking price for valuations. This is misleading & not a proven indicator of the actual value of your item. Only the sold listings are used for collection valuations.

How safe is the trade in / buying process?

  • Using excellent postage partners like DHL & An Post means that we obtain trackable shipping services with full insurance for each pickup & drop off.  Names are captured by each delivery company of the person who accepts the parcel.
  • You will have a tracking number to see the date & time the shipment was received. Plus, we will contact you to confirm it was received too.
  • Check our feedback & social media. Our customers love us, because we take the extra step to ensure that you are fully informed at every step of the journey with us. Plus our query response times are super-fast too, on every one of our contact us channels.

Can I drop my items off at your business without shipping them?

  • As an online store, we do not have physical premises for you to bring your collection to for inspection. We recommend that you use the steps above & send us images via WhatsApp or email to start the process, as we can determine if your collection is something we would be interested based on the images.
  • W use DHL & An Post to pick up & return items. Both ways are fully tracked & include insurance. In some cases, we may be able to pop by & collect in person. This depends on our schedules & your location.
  • We will email or WhatsApp you to confirm that we have received your items & are inspecting/testing them.  You will receive another update when we have fully checked your shipment, verified all the stock is present & that the item conditions match your description.

How do I send my collection to you?

  • Once we both agree to a sale, we will send you an inventory checklist. You should use this checklist to ensure that all the items we discussed are included in the shipment you sending to us.
  • You will need a sturdy box & packing supplies to ensure that each piece is safely packed & does not move around the box during transit. Balled up newspapers make a great replacement for air pockets so use this to fill in any gaps in the box.
  • It is very important that you pack your items safely during shipping, as any items damaged due to poor packaging will be returned to you, at your own cost.

How long is your buying offer valid?

  • Our buying offer is valid for 7 business days from the date we agreed to buy or trade in your collection.
  • Items must be packaged up & shipped to us within this period too.
  • Our offer will expire at the end of the 7th business day.

Who pays for shipping?

  • We will pay the shipping charge to our location.
  • For us to pay the shipping we will send you a Pre-Paid DHL label via email. Simply print it off & pop it on the box being shipped to us. DHL will collect it from the location you nominate on the agreed-upon day.
  • This service is available within the Republic of Ireland & most of Europe.

How long does it take to process what I have sent you?

  • We will contact you to confirm we have received your shipment. Once we have it & depending the on number of items within it, it can take up to 1 week for us to inspect & test each item.

When will I receive payment?

  • Once approved the Paypal payments will be issued with-in 1 business day.

What if my products are not accepted?

  • By sending us clear images of your collection, prior to shipment, you will reduce the chances of any of your items not being accepted.
  • Once your items arrive, we will fully inspect each collectible & test each console & video game.  We need to ensure that each item is as described & in full working order before we make the PayPal payment to you.
  • Collectibles can vary in condition & we will only accept ones that we have the ability to sell on. If the item condition varies, we will contact you to either offer it’s return or a lower price. You are not obligated to continue with the sale if you do not agree with the price changes.
  • Where games & consoles are faulty or the collectible’s condition is not as described / counterfeit, we will return these items to you.
  • If items are being returned for not being as described, faulty or due to a cancelled sale, we will require you to pay for your own return shipping costs. We will use our preferential business rates to get you the best possible shipping rate. Due to COVID 19 it is not possible to collect your items from us to save on return shipping costs.
  • You will receive an email with an invoice for the cost of return shipping. This must be paid before we return the items to you. Payment must be received within 14 days of our invoice email.
  • Any items that do not have their return postage paid for & that are with us more than 30 days will be recycled or donated to charity.