Forbidden Fighting Techniques Of The Ninja By Ashida Kim

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Forbidden Fighting Techniques Of The Ninja By Ashida Kim

Pass through the dark night of the soul and, like the Ninja, become a mystic warrior of the shadows. To be a Ninja, one must be strong, one must know, one must dare, and one must be silent. To assist you in your quest for knowledge of the Silent Way, Ninja author Ashida Kim presents sections on exercises, strategy, fighting techniques, and ceremonial oaths of initiation. Back In Print After Ten Years! Considered Too Deadly For Publication! *Ninja Sword: Concealment Carry and Quick Draw *Walking Staff: Hidden Weapons Within *Retrievable Stone: Flexible/Entangling Weapons *Throwing Stars and Knives *Ninja Garrote: Strangling Techniques *Plus: Kappo: The Art of Resuscitation *Death Touch: Vital and Fatal Points And More!!!! You too, can master this ancient and forbidden art of self-defense. Every finger is a dagger, every hand a sword, every arm a spear. Thus, is the Way of the Ninja. . .

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    • Published by Paladin Press, 1984
    • Hardcover book
    • English language

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