Simple Rewards Program

Update 22.01.21 – This Program is now ended

This program has now ended.

Customers who have qualified & are currently benefitting from this scheme will continue to do so.

It is no longer available to any new customers as of 22.01.21.

We have the following discounts available to everyone:

  1. Free shipping once you spend €50 or more on goods
  2. Pre Order discounts
  3. Special Order discounts

Why We Hate Loyalty Schemes

How complicated are loyalty schemes? Fill in this form. Wait for your card to arrive. Remember to bring your card with you every time you make a purchase. Try and keep track of your points before they expire. Or even use your points on stuff you don’t really want.

Yeah, we hate those schemes too. They are too cumbersome. Too complicated. Too invasive.

And loyalty? We think we can all agree the best price normally wins. It’s hard to stay “loyal” to a company when price is a major factor in your decision making.

As a growing Independent retailer, we don’t as of yet, have the same buying power as Amazon or Smyths Toys. This means that we will not always have the lowest price on our collectibles. But what we do have each and every time is great customer service, super fast shipping and stuff for your collection that other’s simply don’t stock.

We select each of our pieces of stock based on your feedback and needs. We make sure that each piece is as case fresh as possible for you in the box collectors and offer discounts on the packaging that does not meet our high standards.

And now, we offer a Simple Rewards Program. It’s our way of saying thank you. Thank you for visiting us on this website & social media. Thank you for chatting with us at conventions & most of all thank you for buying from us repeatedly!

How it works

How does that sound? Easy, right?

There are a few terms & conditions that apply such as you must be logged into your account in order so that the system can start stacking your orders to give you a discount. But we promise there’s nothing sneaky or complicated in there.

Read our handy Frequently Asked Questions guide to help answer some of your questions too!

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