Stack My Order – What is that?

  • Save on shipping by holding and combining your orders and pre-orders
  • Hold current in-stock items for up to 30 days
  • Make multiple pre-orders with similar arrival dates & stack them
  • Ship any combination of items and orders
  • Reduce your shipping costs by stacking your orders to qualify for free shipping
  • Only available to customers within the Republic of Ireland
  • We reserve the right to cancel a Stack My Order request at any time due to a breach in the usage of this or any other policies on our website. Should you breach the terms & conditions, all future orders will be cancelled & refunded less a €2.50 cancellation fee.

Hold Items For 30 Days

  • We can hold any in-stock items you order for a max of 30 days
  • The expiry date of the 30-day hold is 30 days from the date of the first Stack My Order request.
  • After this period, these items must be shipped to you, as we do not have the warehouse space to hold items indefinitely
  • To save on shipping costs, you can order more items to build towards qualifying for free shipping
  • We will email you after each order to confirm your items are on hold & also to advise when items must be shipped
  • You can message us at any time to tell us to ship your items. Shipping Fees will apply if your total order is under €50

In-stock Items

Mix & match any in-stock items across as many orders within 30 days to save on shipping.


Pre-orders have different arrival dates.

Due to ongoing international shipping delays, our pre-orders will only have guide arrival timeframes such as Quarter 1 2022. This date is amended to a more accurate arrival date (Inbound Arriving in 2 Weeks) when our supplier confirms they have the item in stock.

The Quarters are broken down into

  • Quarter 1 = January to March
  • Quarter 2 = April to June
  • Quarter 3 = July to September
  • Quarter 4 = October to December

Pre-orders from different release Quarters can not be stacked together.

When Do Shipping Fees Apply

  • We offer free shipping with the Republic of Ireland on all orders of €50 or more
  • Combine items to build your order to €50 or more & save on shipping fees
  • Any orders under €50, that have reached the 30-day hold limit, will receive a payment link on day 25 of the hold request for a shipping fee, this fee must be paid before day 30.
  • If you request we ship an order that is under €50, a shipping fee will apply


  • Laser-cut decorations & Abomination Props items are excluded from this offer
  • Mixed pre-orders with arrival dates which are months apart are excluded too

Orders That Reach The 30 Hold Limit

  • All in-stock items must ship on or before the 30-day limit is reached
  • The only exceptions are when a pre-order item is currently on its way to us & can be combined with an in-stock item
  • We will send you an email reminder of the 30-day limit
  • If your order exceeds €50, your items will be shipped to you automatically, with a tracking number
  • This email will contain a payment link for shipping costs if your order is below €50
  • If the shipping cost is not paid & your order exceeds the 30-day limit, we will cancel your order & refund your money, less a cancellation fee of €2.50 per outstanding stacked order.

Cancellation of Stack My Order

We reserve the right to cancel & prohibit any future Stack My Order requests & even paid-in-full orders where:

  • You do not pay the shipping fee for orders below €50 on time
  • You do not place another order within the 30-day hold period
  • Any breach of the terms & conditions of this or any other policies such as Payment Plans & Pre Orders on our website.
  • A cancellation fee of €2.50 will be deducted from your refund. This fee covers the administration & warehousing costs we have incurred due to your incomplete request.

How To Select This Option?

At the checkout, you will now see this extra shipping option

  • Simply select this option at the checkout & pay for your item, no shipping fees will be added
  • You will receive an email from us confirming your order is now on hold
  • Place as many orders as you want within 30 days of your first order & we will ship them all together
  • Stack or combine your orders to exceed €50 & receive free shipping
  • Any orders under €50 will incur our standard shipping fee


Buying In Stock Items On Different Orders

It’s almost payday, we have 1 Gizmo left in stock. You also want to buy a Halloween Kills Myers. There’s lots of Mike in stock, but buying both now, can’t be done because the silly electricity bill is due! You only have the budget for 1 right now, but hate paying for shipping!

Solution: You can grab Gizmo now & select Stack My Order at the checkout. Mike can then be purchased & stacked with Gizmo when you place a separate order to qualify for free shipping within 30 days.

Pre Order Example

Stupid Flanders. He’s created the pre-orders, but they only allow 1 pre-order per checkout. Homer don’t want to pay shipping on items that are arriving at the same time. Stupid Flanders!

Solution: Place multiple orders for your pre-order items & select Stack My Order at the checkout. We will stack all your orders together to help you qualify for free shipping. See the info on pre-orders above to see which ones can be stacked with each other.

That’ll teach Flanders good!

Pre Order & In Stock Item Example

The Tech Gods, only allow 1 pre-order per checkout. No mixing & matching is permitted under their rule. But the pre-order shows it’s arriving in 2 weeks time & you want to grab the last in stock Gizmo now!

Solution: Place 2 orders. The first will contain your pre-order. The second will contain the last in stock Gizmo. You have beaten the Tech Gods by finding a workaround to qualify for free shipping!

Pre Orders Arriving At Different Times

Captain Blake is showing as arriving in Quarter 1 2022. Station Survival MacReady is showing as arriving in Quarter 4 2022.

Solution: Unfortunately we don’t have a workaround on this one! Warehouse space is at a premium – especially in Dublin. Holding onto items so far apart is just not possible.

So if you submit a Stack My Order request with 2 items that are so far apart, we will have to send you a payment link to pay for shipping on both items.