Comic Book Stock List

Comic Book Stock List

Howdy Folks,

We’ve been a little quiet on social media of late. This is down to prepping for the upcoming Dublin Comic Con and going through 2000 + comics. It’s a very slow process as you can imagine, as we have to fight the urge to read every single one!


We plan to do the following with the comics:

  1. Bundle story arcs, complete runs, key issues & mini-series together. Once this is done, we will scan each one & upload the sets & key issues to our website.
  2. For all the single issues, incomplete story arcs, we will list these on Facebook & Adverts. The reason for this, is that it will take way to long to list every single comic on the website, plus it will make it slow as hell and create a not so great customer experience.
  3. We will keep an ongoing Google Sheets list of all our available comic stock. You can find it here:

The sheet is divided up into publishers to help you quickly find the book you are looking for.

Be sure to check it regularly as we’ll be adding comics to it all the time.

If you see something you want – drop us a message. We can send you a PayPal or a Stripe invoice & get these comics out to you quickly!

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Give us a shout!

If you need help with the spreadsheet or anything at all drop us a message here, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you want to chat to us, call us or whats app us on 085 8272191.

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