Dublin Comic Con 2022 & Our Opening Hours

Dublin Comic Con 2022 is taking place on 6th & 7th August 2022 in the Convention Center Dublin.

Tickets are mostly sold out but you may still be able to buy some here.

Due to the high level of preparation that is required to move stock to & from the venue, the following services will be unavailable:

1. Showroom will be closed from 27th July 2022 to 15th August 2022

We need this time to store & sort all the new awesome stock arriving for Comic Con. Then we need to move it to & from the venue before & after the event. It takes a lot of time & people to do this!

Our appointment calendar will show no available appointments until 15th August 2022.

2. Collection services will not be available from 27th July 2022 to 15th August 2022

With our showroom unavailable & all staff allocated to the move, we will be unable to facilitate local pick-ups & showroom appointments.

3. Our response times will be slower on all channels

Our usual fast replies to emails, social media, phone calls & texts will be slower than normal. Especially closer to 4th August 2022 – 9th August 2022.

This is due to all staff moving the goodies from one location to another. We will have auto-responses turned on for our emails & social media too. We will reply to your queries as fast as we can.

4. Our Website & Stock Levels

We are bringing almost everything to Dublin Comic Con. This means we will need to make a lot of our items appear out of stock. This is to avoid not being able to fulfil any orders placed on our website during the event.

This will result in a lot of our items appearing as out of stock until we return to our warehouse & complete a stock take after the event.

5. Orders placed online from 3rd August 2022 to 9th August 2022

Any orders placed on our website before 2 pm on Wednesday 3rd August will ship as normal.

Orders placed after that time will dispatch on 9th August 2022 when we return from trading at Dublin Comic Con.

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