How We Are Responding to Covid 19


In case you didn’t know, we are an online business. There are just two of us (Kim the owner & Val on customer service) who run the whole business. Normally around this time of year, you would find us at tradeshows and comics cons, however, in January, we decided to take a small break from these shows & focus on our online sales.

This change of path allowed us to carefully watch as the Covid 19 Pandemic unfolded & adapt to keep ourselves & you, our customers safe.

Here is a quick overview of what we have implemented:

  • We have introduced additional cleaning procedures as per best practice guidelines. Hand sanitizers & gloves will be used before and after we pick & pack your order.
  • Our goods have not been on display in any shops or conventions this year & any pre-owned items are fully sanitized before being made available for sale.
  • We will be limiting our intake of pre-owned goods until this pandemic is over.
  • We can confirm to you that our supply chain is partially affected. This means that brand new releases may be delayed by up to 3 months. Items that are already in stock with our suppliers can be shipped to us, however, new releases like NECA’s Ultimate Annabelle are delayed, as they do not have the stock to ship to suppliers, who in turn ship to us.
  • We can confirm there is a small increase in delivery time to us from our suppliers. This is because they are reducing their staffing levels to help keep Covid 19 at bay. We fully support their decisions, as we too prioritise people’s health & safety over profit.
  • We are tracking the news to keep up to date with all announcements so that we can take additional actions as they arise.

Going Forward

While we love meeting up with you & chatting we will need to limit both our own & your exposure to the virus.

We would highly recommend that you use our shipping option rather than picking up in person.

We will continue to ship orders for as long as we can, however, if the Government puts the country on full lockdown we may need to look at this too. We will put regular updates to any changes of policy on our social media accounts & also here too.

As always should you have any questions you can always call, text, WhatsApp or contact us on social media.

Stay Safe & thank you for supporting us so far!

UPDATE AS OF 16.03.20

An Post is unable to make any deliveries to countries which are on lockdown. For this reason & as more and more countries are being put under lockdown, we will be suspending all International deliveries for the foreseeable future.

At present, domestic Irish deliveries are unaffected.

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